Turpan Food - What and Where to eat in Turpan

Similar to Urumqi food, Turpan food also includes many kinds of cuisine, such as Cantonese, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Muslim style and so on. Grapes and Hami melon are well known in the market for their sweet and juicy taste and loved by both the domestic and overseas customers.

Every restaurant in Turpan has its own distinct feature. They offer famous Xinjiang food, all kinds of Chinese cuisines and Muslim specialties like ‘Baked Nang’, ’The Boiled Mutton Eaten by Hands’, ’The Cooked Chopped Entrails of Sheep‘ and ’The Roasted Whole Lamb‘. "The Musilaisi" is the special drink, which is loved by many people.

Turpan Food Streets

Guanghui Food Street: All cuisines and snacks what you can find in Turpan are gathered in this street. The street is about 2 kilometers long. There are barber and beauty shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and snack bars.  The snack bars are more than the others. The main snacks are as follows  “Baked Nang”, "The Boiled Mutton Eaten by Hands", "The Cooked Chopped Entrails of Sheep" and "The Roasted Whole Lamb". There are about 50 kinds of Nang in the street such as the commonly seen ones: Meat Nang, You (oil) Nang, Wowo Nang, Sesame Nang, Pian Nang and Hillman Nang.

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