Turpan Bus

It would be a comfortable experience for you to take bus in Turpan, which does not like other big cities in China. Because of the low population density, the bus is not crowd and you can easily find a seat when you get on. The eight bus routes in Turpan can take you to four directions of the city. The ticket fare is CNY0.5 for the first 6 stops and another CNY0.5 would be added if over that distance.

Turpan Coach

Turpan has buses to other Xinjiang cities. Everyday in the week, there are buses from Turpan to Urumqi which costs CNY18. There are buses to Hami from Monday to Saturday which costs CNY33. And on Monday and Wednesday, there are buses to Korla which costs CNY41. There are buses to Aksu every Friday which costs CNY91 and there are buses to Kashgar every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday which costs CNY110.

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