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Alysa 's Travel Reviews : (1134 views)
The heat in Turpan in the summer is the kind of heat that makes you feel like you are too close to the sun. Within twenty seconds of stepping off the two-hour ricket from Urumqi, the freckly beige of my arms began to give in to the deep rouge which w
Ryan Mann 's Travel Reviews : (1068 views)
I spent a few days in Turpan, and afterwards felt like I’d been there a week. The surrounding area includes some of the top destinations in Xinjiang and, despite the dry heat, the city is a pleasant place to relax between day trips. I departed for
Simple Tomi 's Travel Reviews : (1632 views)
Turpan, situated in the eastern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is one of the important locations on the ancient Silk Road. Due to its historical importance, plenty of historical monuments and attractions are found in this area. Important at
Simple Tomi 's Travel Reviews : (1917 views)
Set out in a desert with mild tones of brown and occasionally with green patches, Turpan reminds you of Arabia. It is also the main tourist place in Xinjiang. As most of the people are Muslims, here you can experience a culture and a life style quite
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