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The Baizhangji and Feiyun Lake scenic area is located in Wencheng County, which is on the upper middle reaches of Feiyun River in the southwest of Wenzhou. It is the hometown of Liu Bowen, who is a famous politician, militarist and litterateur in China. The scenic area is a combination of a man-made landscape and natural scenery. It has the national level important scenic zones like National Forest Park named Tongling Mountain, important heritage site under state protection named Liu Ji Temple, and national eco-demonstration region.

The Baizhangji and Feiyun Lake scenic area is composed of ten scenic zones such as Baizhang Waterfall, Liu Ji Hometown, Tongling Mountain, Zhuyang Nine Peaks, Tianding Lake, Valley Scenic Corridor, Longqi Fountain, Yanmen Gorge, Feiyun Lake and Double Dragons. The Baizhai Waterfall that falls from 207 meters is the highest waterfall in China.

*You can download the bilingual note to show it to a taxi driver or someone else to find your way to Baizhangji and Feiyun Lake if you plan to visit Baizhangji and Feiyun Lake and have language problems.



Hours: 07:00 – 17:00
Address: Wencheng County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Transportation: Take bus from Wenzhou New South Bus Station to Wencheng County, then connect another bus from the old Bus Station in Wencheng to the scenic area.
Admission: CNY30

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