Wuhan Shopping – Where to Buy in Wuhan

Shopping Markets & Streets in Wuhan

If you want to buy tourist souvenirs, these places are a must visit.

Shopping Malls & Department Stores in Wuhan

Wangfujing Department Store: No. 888 Zhongshan Street, Jianghan District, Wuhan
New World Department Store:
Branch in Jianshe Street: No. 566 Jianshe Street, Jianghan District, Wuhan
Branch at Jianghan Road: Gang’ao Center, No. 118 Jianghan Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan
Branch in Xudong Street: kaixuanmen Square, Xudong Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan
SOGO: No. 374 Jiefang Street, Wuhan
Wuhan Square Shopping Mall: No. 688 Jiefang Street, Jianghan District, Wuhan
World Trade Plaza: No. 686 Jiefang Street, Jianghan District, Wuhan
Wuhan Asian Trade Plaza: No. 628 Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Supermarkets in Wuhan

If you want to buy some daily consumer goods, there are many supermarkets for this purpose. International chain supermarkets like Metro, Carrefour, Wal-mart have branches in Wuhan.

Carrefour Hongshan Square Store: No. 1 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Carrefour Shisheng Store: No. 687 Hanyang Street, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Carrefour Wusheng Store: No. 244 Zhongshan Street, Qiaokou District, Wuhan
Carrefour Jianshe Store: Wangfu Garden, No. 937 Jianshe Street, Jiang’an District, Wuhan

Wal-Mart Branch in Zhongshan Street: No. 176 Minsheng Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan

Metro Hongshan Branch: No. 48 Xudong Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Metro Qiaokou Branch: No. 144 Jiefang Street, Jianghan District, Wuhan

Other Shopping places

Xinhua Bookstore Branch at Wusheng Road: No. 93 Wusheng Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan
Xinhua Bookstore Branch in Zhongshan Street: No. 896 Zhongshan Street, Wuhan
Foreign Languages Bookstore Branch: No. 11 Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Wuhan Shopping Tips

There are 2 tips of Wuhan shopping from other Wuhan travelers. If you have visited Wuhan or living here and would like to share some tips of shopping in Wuhan with other travelers, please share it here.

Simple Tomi's Wuhan shopping tips : (3898 views)
Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei Province. It is where Yangtze River meets Hanjiang River making it a fertile land. With towns Hankou and Hanyang on the western bank of the Yangtze River and another town named Wuchang on the eastern bank, Wuhan is
Lim Hui Sin's Wuhan shopping tips : (3996 views)
It wasn’t exactly love at first sight when I landed in Wuhan. In fact, I was having problems with sight: the city was enveloped in heavy smog and everything looked grey or brown. But suddenly, from a distance, a pretty pagoda rose – this, I was l

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