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A scenic coastal city in southeastern Fujian, Xiamen is known for its many perching egrets. With a nurturing environment and abundant food, the birds are naturally attracted to this “island of Egrets”. Located at the coast, Xiamen has a subtropical oceanic climate. Exotic flowers and herbs bloom all year round, and the city remains as warm as spring.

As one of China’s earliest Special Economic Zones in the 1980s, Xiamen’s economy has made great progress, experiencing a sustained, rapid, and coordinated growth. The city is also honored to be a National Sanitary City, National Garden City, and National Model City for Environment Protection and National Excellent Tourist City. In Xiamen, the clean environment, civilized citizens and graceful environment evoke harmony and lull one into comfort.

Xiamen is renowned for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, with both ancient and modern characters contributing to its rich culture. National hero Zheng Chenggong, patriotic overseas Chinese Cheng Jiageng, great medical scientist Lin Qingzhi, and many established musicians are fine examples of Xiamen fame.
Today, you can walk in the footsteps of these famous people. At the stone steps of Gulang Islet, Jimei University and the elegant Yuyuan Garden, an air of splendour permeates. Xiamen and the nearby countryside are also the ancestral home of these overseas Chinese. In addition, the unique mooncake culture at Mid-Autumn Festival and characteristic Min Nan opera brims with strong local colour, making it worth the experience.

Compared to Beijing as a tourist city, Xiamen not only has scenery, but also has many places of culture and entertainment. With stylish bars, golf clubs, shopping zones, vacation villages, tasty cuisine and luxurious accommodation, Xiamen cannot be brushed off as inferior to the capital city. To enhance the decadence, visitors can also bathe in a hot spring, play golf, listen to a concert at Gulangyu Island or watch a Min Nan local performance.

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Xiamen that comes under Fujian Province is a beautiful coastal city situated at the southeastern part of China. It looks over Taiwan Strait and has witnessed events in history that occurred in course of time. Otherwise known as ‘Amoy’, Xiamen city is
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In China, Xiamen is nicknamed “garden on the sea” - it’s easy to see why once you have been there. In the past, the harbour city has also received a United Nations Habitat award for liveability and sustainable development. The verdant city enjoys

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