Xiamen Facts

Xiamen is a coastal sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian province in China.
 Lu (鹭 in Chinese)
Coordinates: 24°36′N  118°44′E
Country: China
Mayor: He Lifeng
Population: 2.43 million people with 0.76 million non-permanent residents at the end of 2007.
Currency: Yuan (Renminbi)
Language: The local vernacular is Amoy, a dialect of Southern Min (閩南), also called Hokkien.
Time Zone: China Standard Time (UTC+8)

Area: 1,565  square kilometers
Administrative Divisions: 6 districts
Altitude:  201m
City Flower: Bougainvillea glabra
City Tree: Flame tree
Main Rivers: Jiulong River
GDP(2007 estimate):  Total - CNY 137.5 billion; Per capita - CNY 56,595

Sister Cities: 
Asia: Sasebo, Cebu, Penang, Surabaya Mokpo
Europe: Cardiff, Wellington, Kaunas, Zoetermeer
America: Baltimore, Guadalajara
Oceania: Maroochy, 

Xiamen Location - Where is Xiamen

Xiamen is located in the southeast part of Fujian Province, back on Zhangzhou and Quanzhou and facing Taiwan and Pescadores across the sea. The coordinates of Xiamen are 24°36′N  118°44′E. See map of Xiamen to view the exact location of Xiamen.
Xiamen Location Map

Xiamen Districts

Xiamen has totally 6 districts under its administration.

6 Districts: Haicang District, Huli District, Jimei District, Siming District, Tong’an District, Xiang’an District.

The districts of Siming and Huli form the Special Economic Zone.

Xiamen Codes

Xiamen Postal Code: Xiamen zip codes range from 360000 to 361100. However, not all within the range are in use.

Xiamen Area Code: Internal dialing code is 0592 while international telephone calling code is +0086-592.

Xiamen in Chinese

Learning how to read and say Xiamen in Chinese might be of help when you are traveling around the city.

Xiamen in Chinese Pinyin: xià mén

How does Xiamen look in Chinese?

Xiamen in Chinese characters  Xiamen in traditional Chinese

How to say Xiamen in Chinese?    Click to play this audio file to learn how to correctly pronounce Xiamen in Chinese. Or you can download it to your hand device to help when you are traveling to Xiamen.

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