Things to Do in Xiamen

Xiamen has so much tourist resources. Here is our list of top ten things to do in Xiamen.

Top 10 Things to do in Xiamen

1. Gulangyu Island
Noted for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics and varied architectures, Gulangyu Island enjoys the excellent reputation of “garden in the sea”, “gallery of international architecture”, “hometown of music” and “island of piano”.

2. South Putuo Temple
South Putuo Temple is one of most ancient sacred Buddhist temples in China.

3. Huli Fort
Visit and appreciate the product of Westernization Movement during the Qing Dynasty of China.

4. Jimei Scenic Sightseeing Area
With tranquil and elegant environment, Jimei is famous for the Jimei University founded by Mr. Chen Jiageng, a renowned leader of overseas Chinese in last century.

5. Islet-Ring Road
This is the best feature of tourist zones in Xiamen and also the special track for Xiamen International Marathons.

6. Xiamen University
Xiamen University is compared as the most beautiful campus in China launched by the famous leader of overseas Chinese-Mr. Chen Jiageng.

7. Sunlight Rock
It is the best view poin in Gulangyu Island.

8. Jimei Turtle Garden
Here travelers could enjoy the art treasure of Fujian stone carving.

9. Yong Ding Earth Building
The earthen buildings of Hakkas are regarded as a wonder of oriental architecture.

10. Piano Museum
This is the only piano themed museum in China showing the ancient and famous pianos all over the world.

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