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Huaqing Hot Spring is located at the foothill of Lishan ("Mt. Li") in LinTong, about 35 kilometers east of Xi’an. Huaqing Hot Spring was enlarged into a bigger palace on the site of a stone pool, named Lishan Tang during the Tang Dynasty by the order of Emperor Tai Zong. It was then named “Huaqing Palace”.

Huaqing Hot Spring was destroyed at the end of the Tang Dynasty by the war. What we see today is only a small part of the original Huaqing Palace and is rebuilt on the site of the original Qing Dynasty structure. The Huaqing Hot Spring occupies an area of 85,560 square meters.

There are many famous structures around the Huaqing Hot Spring, such as the Nine-Dragon Pool, the Lotus Flower Pool, and the Frost Drifting Hall. Emperor Tang Ming (618 - 907A.D.) and his lover Lady Yang spent their winters in the Frost Drifting Hall.

The Museum of the Imperial Pool was built on the ruins of the Tang-Dynasty Huaqing Palace and was opened to the public in 1990. All of the structures are in the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty. The archaeologists found the ruins of five pools in the remains of the Tang-Dynasty Huaqing Palace. They were recorded in the history as the Star Pool, the Lotus Flower Pool, the Crabapple Pool, the Crown Prince Pool and the Shangshi Pool. The Lotus Flower Pool, also called the Imperial Nine Dragon Pool, was built for the emperor. The Crabapple Pool was specially built by the order of the Emperor Xuan Zong for his favorite Lady Yang Yuhuan to bathe. The Crown Prince Pool, as its name suggests, was built for the crown prince. The Shangshi Pool was for ministers and officials, while the Star Pool was believed to be have been built much earlier.

The earliest source of the hot spring was discovered about 3,000 years ago in the Western Zhou Dynasty. The spring water contains many kinds of minerals like lime, sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate, with a temperature of 43℃, is suitable for bathing, and is beneficial for diseases such as dermatosis, rheumatism and muscular pain. In winter, the local people are fond of spending time in these hot waters.

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Chinese Pinyin: Hua Qing Chi
Opening Times: 08:00-16:00
Ticket Prcie: CNY 70 in peak season, CNY 40 in dull season
How to Get to: take bus No. 306

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