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Mausoleum of Western Han Emperor Jing, Liu Qi, is located at Zhanjiawan Village, about 20 kilometers north of Xian City. The Mausoleum also named Yangling. It is a joint tomb of Liu Qi, (the fourth emperor of the Western Han Dynasty), and his empress. Liu Qi was a vexatious emperor. During his rule, politics was stable and the economy was sustained development. What he had done found a solid bases for the flourish of Western Han Dynasty. His empress, Empress Wang, mother of the famous Han Wudi, died in 126 B.C. and was buried in Yangling with her husband.

It took 28 years to build the mausoleum. The mausoleum covers an area of more than 10 square kilometers . The emperor’s tomb is at the center of the mausoleum rounded by the empress’s tomb, the south and north burial pits, ceremonial site, human sacrifice graveyard and criminals’ cemetery. The emperor’s tomb is walled in with one great gate at the middle of each side. The south gate has been opened to the public, and the brick chessboard and the biggest title have been found at this site. There are 86 outside pits laid with burial objects. From these pits archaeologists have unearthed approximately 60,000 burial objects, including naked painted pottery figurines, chariots and horses, weapons, daily utensils and a large number of pottery animals. The empress’ tomb is 450 meters east to the emperor’s tomb. It is much smaller than the emperor’s tomb, with thirty-one outside pits around.

The pottery projects are very different in size and sort from the Qin Terracotta Army. The pottery figures are vary from warrior to civilian, male to female .They are one tenth of the actual objects . Some of them are naked and armless .But they look so vivid and lifelike, and are honored as the “Oriental Apollo and Venus”. According to the archaeologists’ surveys, the naked figures had originally worn and wooden arms had damaged and fallen off over years.

The Outside Pits Exhibition Hal is the first underground museum in China and opened in 2006 to the public. This underground museum occupies an area of about 7,850 square meters. It exhibits ten outside pits surrounding the emperor’s tomb but does not change the look of the mausoleum. The pits are encased with toughened glass to protect the culture relics and make it more convenient for visitors to be able to take a closer look. The most valuable stuff among the burial objects unearthed is a ’go board’. It provides the evidence that ’go’ originated from China ,and Chinese people began to play ’go’ as a recreational activity even before Western Han Dynasty.

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Chinese Pinyin: Han Yang Ling
Opening Times: 08:30-18:00
Ticket Price: CNY 90 in peak season, CNY 65 in dull season
How to Get to: take tourist bus No. 4 


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