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Ancient China enjoyed one of its most splendid and productive periods during the Tang Dynasty, and Xian at its centre hosts a range of cultural relics dating from this prosperous dynasty. One of the must-see cultural developments dating from this period is Tang Dynasty Music and Dance.

The dance was originally performed as a part of rituals of prayer for a good harvest or a better life. During thousands of year’s development, the dance changed from a series of simple postures and gestures to delicate and complex art-form, reaching its peak in the Tang Dynasty. The Music and Dance emphasizes spectacle, with the integration of poems, music, singing, dance and stunning costumes reflecting the celebration of peace. It is a vigorous style of dance, focusing both on a sports style for improving health, and a soft style dance. Empress Wu Zetian established a department in the palace dedicated to training the professional singers and dancers. When these performers returned home, they brought the Tang style music and dance among the people. This in turn enabled the widespread popularization and adoption of the style. Two of the most famous of the ancient dances today are the group performance and the complicated whirling dance, both popularized during the Tang dynasty.

Today the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show offers an insight into this ancient society, retaining its splendid culture and offering the visitor a view of the peaceful life-style of that period. Visitors will gain an impressive view of ancient China, including its splendid history, vibrant arts, distinct traditions and popular customs.

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Chinese Pinyin: Tang Ge Wu Xiu
Tang Dynasty Palace
Address: No. 75, Chang’an Rd.
Show time: 20:30-21:40
How to Get to: take bus No. 12, 14, 26, 31, 216, 239, 521 or 603

Shaanxi Song & Dance Theatre
Address: No. 165, Wenyi Rd.
Show time: 20:00-21:00
How to Get to: take bus No. 14, 21, 118, 214, 309, 508 or 700

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