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Yichang, also called Yiling in ancient times, is one of the eleven most important tourist cities in China. Yichang is situated at the dividing line of the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Along the Yangtze River, through the “Three Gorges”, people can travel up to the Sichuan province and by travelling down the river, they can reach Shanghai area. Yichang is one of the ports for the Yangtze Cruise from Chongqing. The city is clean and modern-looking. The Yangtze River goes through the center of city with both of its banks covered with verdant trees.

Yichang is the birthplace of the Chu Culture and the hometown of the beauty Wang Zhaojun, who lived during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC- 24AD) and the patriotic poet Qu Yuan in the Warring States Period (476BC- 221BC). Yichang was also regarded as an important strategic city in ancient China. The city also boasts of numerous famous sites, historical spots and cultural legends. Also, two ethnic group autonomous counties of Yichang (Changyang, Wufeng area) have a deep and rich culture of the Tujiazu (Tu ethnic group) style. Yichang has been thrust into the world limelight since the start of the “Three Gorges” Project. The project base and the dam are around 45 minutes drive from the city. Apart from the Three Gorges, the abundant tourist resources of Yichang are also attractive. Mountains, waterfalls, caves, stone forests and pools form picturesque scenery. There are many famous attractions in the area, including Three Traveler’s Cave, Coffin Rock, Golden Lion Cave and Gezhouba Dam.

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