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Situated on the islet in Xiaoxita in Yichang, Chinese Sturgeon Museum is famous for its first class protected species-Chinese Sturgeon. The Chinese Sturgeon Museum, which tries to protect Chinese Sturgeon using artificial breeding techniques, is a part of Chinese Sturgeon Institution of China.

The Chinese Sturgeon is considered to have co-existed with dinosaurs. The dinosaurs became extinct gradually, but the Chinese Sturgeon exists even today. With its strong vitality it has become the ‘living fossil’ for people who research changes of ancient earth.

In the Chinese Sturgeon Museum, besides Chinese Sturgeon, you can also see Russia sturgeon, American Paddlefish, Amur sturgeon, Hybrid sturgeon etc…

Chinese Sturgeon has its own unique living habits. In China, Chinese Sturgeon is mainly seen in the trunk stream of Yangtze River. The dam has blocked the sturgeon’s route, which affected badly on the breeding patterns of the Chinese sturgeon. In 1982, Chinese government built the Chinese Sturgeon Museum to protect this kind of valuable and rare species.

Address:Xiaoxita Town, Yichang, Hubei Province

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