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Wang Zhaojun was one of the most famous Four Beauties in ancient China alongside Xishi, Diaochan and Yang Yuhuan. The Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun is located in Baoping Village (also called Mingfei Village, or Wangjia Wan), a picturesque village some 55 km from the Xingshan County of Yichang and surrounded by scenic mountains and water.  

As the saying goes, “beauty come from beautiful places”. Wang Zhaojun, born here during the Han Dynasty (202 B.C .to 8 A.D.), was selected into the royal palace because she transcended the others in beauty and intelligence. It was reported that the emperor usually judged beauty according to only the picture of the ladies. Therefore, all the beautiful ladies in the palace, except Wang Zhaojun in fact, bribed the painter in order to catch the emperor’ eyes. The emperor never knew that such a beautiful lady as Wang Zhaojun lived in his palace.

In 33 BC, the Northern Huns requested marriage with a lady from the Han palace for establishing a good relationship with emperor of the Han Dynasty. Wang Zhaojun volunteered and married into the Huns, which was cold and far beyond the Great Wall and with different living standards to the Han palace. Prior to her departure, the emperor surprisingly found Wang Zhaojun was so resplendent that he felt deep regret.

In Zhaojun’s hometown, there is a Zhaojun Well with clear water and an ancient stone tablet standing around. It was said that one day before her departure from the palace, Zhaojun threw a nanmu branch into the well – it has not run dry ever since. Till now, this immortal nanmu is still immersed in the water.

There are also many attractions to see at the Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun including the dresser, Pearl Pool, Wangyue Tower and so on. Zhaojun house is an antique imitation building mimicking Ming and Qing period style, located next to the dresser.

The Gaolan scenic area is nowadays integrated with Wang Zhaojun’s residence, even though it is some 30 km away. Look at the shape of Zhaojun Rock - the image is realistic, and the so-called Camel Peak also. With the  rock and peak coincidentally joined together, people could not help but believe that it is the incarnation of Zhaojun riding a camel on her mothering way from the far Huns area.

As one of the four most beautiful ladies in ancient China, many interesting stories of Wang Zhaojun spread around the areas. Two of the famous stories are as follows:

1. One day, Zhaojun was bathing in the brook when she carelessly lost a pearl in the water, and from then on the brook became very limpid and transparent, full of fragrance, thus it got the name "Fragrant Brook".

2. It is said that before Wang Zhaojun went out of the front pass, the Chinese Yuan emperor specially permitted the return to her home village to visit her parents. When this visitation period expired, she said goodbye to them. This was in March when the peach blossom was in full bloom season. She left Fragrant Brook by boat, knowing that she could not come back again, and was unable to restrain the weeping - her tears fell into the brook, which combined with the falling flowers on the surface of the water and changed into minnow.

Admission: CNY 30

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