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Situated at the mouth of the famous Xiling Gorge, the Golden Lion Cave is 17 km from Xiaoxita, Yichang City. This limestone cave is an art labyrinth, 1,853 meters deep and 48 meters wide, with three layers. According to experts’ research, the Golden Lion Cave is one million years old and the limestone has taken on grotesque forms.

The name ‘Golden Lion Cave’ came from a stone within which looks like a powerful and mighty lion in the cave. The stone in the cave looks like a lion not only in form, but in spirit, and the only shortcoming is that it has no tail. As to this tail, it is said that the cave was originally the paradise where there should be no mosquitos. As time passed, this tail therefore lost its function of driving away mosquitos. There are various natural stone formations such as stalactites, petrophone, and the most distinctive one is stone screen, which has divided the main hall into some halls of different size.

Hours: 08:00-17:00
Transportation: Many regular buses from Yiling District, Yichang city towards the spot is available, and it is charged CNY 5/person.
Admission: CNY 20


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