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Located at Sandouping Town, 27 miles upstream from Yichang City, and 38km downstream from the Gezhouba Dam, Three Gorges Dam that constructed in 2009 is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. The whole project lasted for 17 years since its beginning in 1993. This huge project did not harm natural resources and travel attractions in its proximity. Three Gorges Dam travel zone is centered on the Three Gorges Dam and has five sections of 15.28 square km to show the hydroelectric project, natural scenery in three gorges, cultures and customs.

The travel zone, located in 262.48 meters above the sea level, is the best position to have a bird’s-eye view of the whole area. Not only you can appreciate the magnificence of the project, but also you can see the gorges and cliffs. There is a three-floor exhibition hall with miniature models to show the whole project. Besides, there are also some fountains, waterfalls, streams, lawns, which make the travel zone a wonderland. Stepping on the top of the 185-meter high dam, you can overlook the roaring torrent sluicing downward, giving you the feel of grandeur of the surge under your feet. But when you lift up your eyes what you can see is the calm river reflecting like a huge mirror. The dramatic contrast in front of you will strengthen your belief, that is, man’s determination can conquer the nature.

Address:Yichang City, Hubei Province


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