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Located in a cliff of the northern peak of Xiling Hill, 10 kilometers northwest of Yichang city, Three Traveler’s Cave sits overlooking Xialiao Stream. Carved with poems and graffiti of ancient visitors, the cave is frequently visited by admiring visitors. The origin of this cave may be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. In 819, three Tang Dynasty poets, Bai Juyi, his brother Bai Xingjian and Yuan Zhen, met in Yichang and made an excursion to this site. While enjoying the spectacular scenery, they inscribed some poems on the cave walls. Afterwards they were considered as the ’First Three Travelers’. Later during the Song Dynasty, about 700 years ago, the famous litterateur Su Xun with his two sons Su Shi and Su Zhe - also two noted authors, visited here twice and wrote some poems and articles that made cave famous throughout China.

A road made of planks leads to the cliff cave. The thirty-meter long cave is considered as a magic fairyland of stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars. Fifteen meters inside the cave, a pair of big stalactite pillars dangles down like a gate, which divides the cave into two parts. Many poetic inscriptions on the interior cliff walls demonstrate different calligraphy styles and are highly valued in the study of Chinese literature. An ear-like cave beside Three Traveler’s Cave offers a panoramic view of the Yangtze River.

Around the cave, there are many historical sites related to the Three Kingdoms Period. The most famous is tower peak, on top of which stands a statue of Zhang Fei, a general of Shu in Three Kingdoms Period. It is here that he trained his troops.

Hours:08:00 – 17:00
Address:In a cliff of the northern peak of Xiling Hill, 10 kilometers northwest of Yichang city
Transportation:Bus:  No. 2, 10

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