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Xiling Gorge stretches for 126 km from the Guandu Port (Guandukou) in Badong County to Nanjin Pass (nanjinguan) in Yichang City, which got its name for leaning to the Xiling Mountain in Yichang City. Xiling Gorge, the longest one among three gorges runs through three cities-Badong, Zigui and Yichang. It is comprised of four sections from upstream to downstream, which are Fragrant Stream Wide Gorge (Xiangxi Kuangu), Xilingxia Upper Section Wide Gorge (Xilingxia Shangduan Kuangu), South of Temple Gorge (Miaonan Kuangu) and Xilingxia Lower Section Gorge (Xilingxia Xiaduan Xiagu). Xiling Gorge is famous for its various gorges with different styles and zigzagging rapids with whirlpools. It is crowned as the most wonderful gorge as many great poets and artists admired its beauty and magnificence.

Fragrant Stream Wide Gorge is about 45 km long with many gorges, among which the most well-known one is Military Manual and the Precious Sword Gorge with length of 5 km and the narrowest place of one hundred meters. Made up of limestone, the gorge has many unique stones, two of which are much like a military manual and precious sword, hence its name. Located in the southwest of Yichang County, Hubei Province, Shadow-Play Gorge is famous for its shadow-play-character-like stones, two of which resembles the Tang Sanzang and Monkey Sun Wukong in the Chinese classic novel- Journey to the West. What’s more, under the sunset glow, the gorges flicker bright and shadows when looked from a distance. In old times, there were many treacherous rapids and dangerous reefs, but nowadays the gorge is improved to make it cruise-friendly along with magnificent scenery displaying at two sides.


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