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Yichang people not only love sea food, but also the ethnic flavors of snacks. The main style of Yichang food is “juicy, salty, fresh and spicy”, with strong local characteristics. Famous dishes include shelled shrimp stuffed in mushroom; Three Gorges pearl soup and Baishiyi pressed salted duck.

Shelled Shrimp Stuffed Mushroom
Tourists can buy the shelled fresh shrimps produced in Nanjin Pass and Huyatan and mushroom in Xingshan area in Yichang, stir them together with egg white, wet powder, onions, ginger and other spices, and then steam them. With the alluring aroma, and taste, this dish is undoubtedly popular.

Three Gorges Pearl Soup
This delicacy is designed based on the magnificent view of Xiling Gorge. Steamed eggs look like the undulating mountains and peaks of Xiling Gorge in which three-color fish balls are floating, quite vivid and poetic. This fresh and tender dish is included in one of the famous food in Hubei Province.

Yichang Food Streets

Address Xiba(west dam) river side
Many people like to sit beside the river and tasting the fresh fish while enjoying the beautiful view of the Yangtze River. Many restaurants need reserve in advance.
Address: Beside Xia Xi Dam, Yichang
Transportation: 22 (get off at West Dam Elementary School Stop)

Xiaomian Street in North Huancheng Road:
Transportation: 2, 6 (get off at North Gate Stop)
Xiaomian Street in Fusui Road:
Transportation: 18, 19, 22, 26 (get off at Kangzhuang Road Stop)

Changjiang fish street(close to Sanyou Cave )
Transportation :
No. 10 Tourist bus and get off at the Taohua Village.

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