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A list of best and famous Yichang reastaurants for an unforgettable dining experience in Yichang, China, including reviews and other resources.

Famous Restaurants in Yichang

Shanye Restaurant
Recommended dish: Preserved Egg Fish Soup More>>

Liujin Suiyue Reataurant
This is an enchanting and refined restaurant with aristocrat temperament. It is fashion, healthy and sunny guiding people to enjoy delicate cate.More>>

Xiaolanjing Restaurant
Xiaolanjing Restaurant, with “healthy food” concept, initiates “Science & Nutrition Cuisine” in the whole country. Please come here and enjoy the attentive service in Xiaolanjing Restaurant. More>>

Yingwu Restaurant
As fat fish and wild fish of Yangtze River as its feature, Yingwu Restaurant has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. More>>

Xiaopinghu Restaurant
Xiaopinghu Restaurant is the one of most well known restaurants in Yichang, having Tujia ethnic minority dishes flavor as a feature. Many famous artists as Chen Xiaoxu have ever been here and making inscription. Even the Beijing Television Station has ever com...More>>

Yihe Shangjing Ecology Restaurant
Just as its name said, this is an Ecology Restaurant. It has diversified pavilions, small bridge and flowing water, as well as animals like parrots, golden fish, with excellent surroundings. Walking into it, customer may have the botanical garden feeling. As t...More>>

Daoxiangge Restaurant
Opened in 1989, Daoxiangge Restaurant is old brand with famous name restaurant in Yichang. It attracts customers at home and abroad for its elegant environment and delicate cate. More>>

Fangweng Restaurant
Fangweng Restaurant is situated near the famous scenic site-Three Travelers’ Cave, known as the “unique cave restaurant on the world”.

The restaurant is located in the cave along the riverside. From one side of restaurant, customers can view the flowin...More>>

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