Zhuhai Shopping – What to Buy in Zhuhai

Zhuhai, bordering Shenzhen and facing Hong Kong, is both a beautiful coastal city and a gathering place for fashionable and special things. Well-known commercial areas include Lotus Shopping Street, South Yingbin Road Commercial Area, Jingshan Road Commercial Area, and Qinglv Road Commercial Area. In addition, there is a special market in Zhuhai, known for its range of dry seafood and seafood jewelry, called Wan Chai Seafood Market.

Some fashionable shopping areas include Zhuhai Duty Free Store, Maoye Department Store, Jusco, Zhuhai Shopping Mall, and Xiangzhou Department Store. You can find almost everything you want in those stores including the most upscale luxurious goods

In addition, many well-known and large-scale supermarkets have also landed in Zhuhai, such as Carrefour, Vanguard, and A Best, along with some local shops like Deyi Supermarket also will provide you with life’s daily necessities.

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