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Mrs. Lydia Erika Graham's China Tour Review

Hello Ivy

Thank you for the photo, and also thank you for such a wonderful trip, we will recommend Chinatouronline to all our friends.

The vehicle was very clean and perfect for the 3 of us, no problems at all. The drivers were very polite. The guides spoke clearly only the one in Xian we had a little bit of difficulty to understand some times. Here I would like to compliment:
1. River and the driver in Beijing they were very coordinated and efficient to make our days smooth.
2. The guide and driver in Chongqing they were excellent and she went the extra mile in order to make our short stay pleasant.

The hotels were nice and clean excellent service all the staff were very polite.

The best hotel was the one in Beijing PRIME HOTEL excellent service, very clean, the rooms were big, the bathroom big and clean, the buffet magnificent, and the attitude of all the employees excellent, the best was the one in Beijing.

The restaurants overall were okay, the first restaurant in Beijing needs to fix the wall paper on the walls, they were peeling and gives a sense of being old and dirty.
We enjoyed very much all the food, was excellent in all the restaurants. I should tell you that the one in Chongqin the food was tasty. I suggest that you mentioned to the restaurants that they should place a serving spoon with every dish. Also a fork for all the foreigners.

The silk factory in Beijing was nice to visit. In Xian was very nice to see the Clay factory and workshop also. We enjoyed to visit there.

Overall I thank you for a wonderful trip, I wish I could stay longer in Shanghai, next time I will go for 3 o 4 weeks!!


Customer's information:
Name: Mrs. Lydia Erika Graham
Nationality: Canada
Itinerary: 12 Days Majestic China Tour with Yangtze Cruise

Updated: Tuesday,Mar 30,2010

Mrs. Joan Hard and Ms. Kathleen Dickson's China Tour Review

Dear Ivy and Tracy,

We had no idea of what to expect, but we are so very happy with the outcome. Thank you so much for making our trip a wonderful, rewarding, and memorable experience, and thank you for the photo.

The vehicles were especially clean and nice in Beijing. In Xian, not as nice - but we did fine. We did have a major traffic delay in Xian but fared out well and found the traffic conditions very interesting. The drivers were all just great - polite, helpful and thoughtful..

We did find it difficult to understand the guides at times. However, they were determined and sincere in their endeavor to relate the history of China facts to us. Every day we received mineral water from you, thank you for the thoughtful service.

We enjoyed all the restaurants very much. The restaurants all appeared clean and tidy - and the waiters/waitresses were very attentive. However, there were times when we would liked to have had a fork instead of chop sticks. The food was hot and very good. We were also glad to have such wonderful breakfast buffets - so that we could have some American food.

I was pleasantly amazed at how clean and tidy all the hotels were. The linens especially were immaculate. The only discomfort we had was the ability to turn down the room thermostat. Every hotel we stayed in was too warm for us, and there seemed to be no way to cool them down after asking for room service.

There were several stores/factories that seemed to be arranged by the guides we were sometimes encouraged to stay there and shop. We thought that this was a procedure that the guides were required to do.

We are very happy with our experience of traveling with private guides provided by CTO. Everyone, especially the guides and drivers, were courteous, kind, and patience throughout the trip. If there was a problem, CTO made sure that our needs were met, or that we were reimbursed for any inconvenience. For instance when our plane was delayed, an extra meal was provided for us. In fact, the Victoria Queen of the Yangtze river cruise waited for our arrival before they left port.

We did feel rushed a few times trying to meet the schedule and timelines every day. I also felt that some of the temple visits could be eliminated or shortened. Each city had their share of Temples that got to be repetitious. They required a lot of walking that didn’t seem necessary.

We had David as our guide in Beijing - probably with us the longest of all
the quides. He was very kind, patient, friendly, knowledgeable and took his job very seriously as did all of the guides.

Sincerely, Joan Hard

Customer's information:
Name: Mrs. Joan Hard and Ms. Kathleen Dickson
Nationality: United States
Itinerary: 13 Days Majestic China Tour with Yangtze Cruise

Updated: Friday,Nov 27,2009

Families of Pradeep Kumar and Britto's China Tour Review

Our clients at Terra-Cotta Army in Xian

Dear Ivy,

Our China tour was one of the best vacations we have ever had. The tour guides, locations, transportation arrangements, hotels, restaurants, various shows such as Peking Opera, Tang dynasty and Shanghai acrobat show and yangtze cruise were top class. We also got the best value for money during our shopping trips. The quality and level of service offered by China Tour online exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be back to continue our China tour to other destinations in the near future.

Since we were a group size of 8 we were not sure about the size of the tour vehicles. After arriving in Beijing, we were pleasantly surprised to see a mini van which could comfortably seat 20 people. In fact all the locations had a similar van which made it very comfortable with plenty of space to keep our baggage. All the vehicles provided during the various trips were very clean and had good air conditioning.

All the drivers were wonderful and polite. They drove safely and we did not come across any problems at all. The drivers had limited knowledge of English, but it was never a problem. We had brief conversations with them wherever possible. All of them were very prompt and punctual.

It is worth mentioning that all our tour guides spoke excellent English and we had no problems with communication. They had excellent knowledge of Chinese culture and history and could answer all of our questions. They were very friendly and we would have long conversations during the drive on various topics. We got to know them better during these conversations and it was a good experience. It would be difficult to single out one particular guide. Nevertheless, we would like to mention a special word of thanks especially to Mr. Liu (Beijing), Ms Chen (Xian), Ms Judy (Chongqing), Ms Linda (Yichang) and Mr. Jack (Shanghai) who made our trip very memorable. They gave us detailed explanations in response to our questions on Chinese history, culture and also on various other issues concerning China which were of interest to us. They were very polite, cheerful, courteous and very friendly. The english language spoken by the guides , especially Mr. Liu (Beijing) and Mr. Jack (Shanghai) was of very high standard. The Peking duck lunch was our favourite meal during the entire trip. Our kids also enjoyed the interactions with the tour guides. The arrangements were very also flexible and according to our requirements. Mr. Liu , our guide from Beijing who was the best among all the guides for his attention to detail and accommodating and polite nature. He was also very friendly with kids. Even our guide from Xian (Ms Coco) was excellent and very friendly with the kids.

The hotels and restaurants were excellent and of high quality. The day we landed in Beijing, we had talked to the guide specifically about our diet requirements and that we had no problem in eating vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, lamb and duck and all other meat had to be avoided. Thereafter, we had given specific requests on similar lines to all the guides. We loved Chinese food and the menu was varied and tasty. The hotels were excellent – Prime hotel in Beijing had the best location since it was close to Wanfujing street. Huating tower in Shanghai was the most comfortable since it had very large rooms. The best hotel for comfort and breakfast was Huating towers in Shanghai. The best hotel for location was Prime Hotel in Beijing. Overall, all the hotels were tidy, comfortable and offered excellent service.

Since we had given clear instructions regarding our food requirements, the guides did a very good job in selecting the menu. All the guides checked at our table during the meals to ensure that the food was OK. The quantity of food was more than adequate There were no problems with any of the waiters or waitresses, all of them were polite. All restaurants were generally clean. The best restaurant was in Beijing, where we had Peking duck. The dumpling banquet in Xian was also excellent. We were served with two glasses of beer and unlimited tea, which was really wonderful. We were able to sample varied cuisine , quite different from the Chinese food which we are used to having in our country.

Our favorite part of the trip were our visits to the Great Wall in Badaling, Beijing and the Xian fort wall , where we took a bicycle ride with our kids covering almost 14 kms. The bicycle ride was thrilling for the kids. The Yangtze cruise was also very relaxing and enjoyable. We made lots of friends on the tour boat and so did the kids. The Chinese people were very friendly and they love kids. In many places , we were requested to pose with them for photographs and we happily obliged. We were very comfortable in China. All the streets and roads were very clean and green.

I would like to thank Ms Ivy for the excellent communication and follow up in finalizing the tour and providing us with detailed itinerary which was very clear and gave an accurate description of the tour schedule. Every aspect of the trip was properly planned and organized well. All the guides were excellent and the hotels and restaurants were top class. We did not have to worry about anything and could enjoy the tour.Thank you very much for your wonderful service and attention to detail which made it a memorable trip for us. We will definitely recommend CTO to our friends and will be back in China very soon.

Customer's information:
Name: Families of Pradeep Kumar and Britto
Nationality: India
Itinerary: 14 Days Majestic China Tour with Yangtze Cruise

Updated: Friday,Aug 07,2009

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